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Here at Morrises on the Map, we want to share our travel experience and advice while creating a community in which information sharing helps create some of the best memories for your travels.

While our reviews and suggestions are given solely based on our honest opinion, it’s not free to run a blog and social media channels effectively…so we do accept sponsorships, products, services and advertising and include affiliate links. Again, when that happens, despite the benefit to us personally, you will always get our honest opinions!

All content and design of this blog and our social channels are property of Morrises on the Map and may not be reproduced without permission, unless sharing electronically with proper credit given. So, share away! That’s the point! Just be cool? K? Thanks!

It’s important to note that with time, certain services or locations can change…conditions of roads, parks, and weather, we can’t control. We can share with you the condition in which we enjoyed it (or didn’t). Do let us know if your experience is dratiscally different and of a nature that we should let other followers know about. But please check the dates on posts and post a question in our community to see if someone has been more recently if you are concerned.

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